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I've been coaching triathletes since 1990 and have helped people race in over 1400 IM races around the world and 1000s of shorter distance events and marathons.  I have the experience from a very wide range of abilities and people to help you reach your goals.

Perspective and Philosophy

A lot of people know how to go fast but they don't know how to effectively help others get the most out of their training time.  I understand how hard it is to fit it all in to 'Life' so develop plans that give you the best result for the time you have available to train. 


Even after 30 years of coaching I still get so jazzed helping people reach their goals.  I'm not concerned where you're starting from as your success is all relative to your experience.  I've worked with a very wide range of abilities, from people I helped learn how to swim and ride a bike - and got them ready for an Ironman in a year all the way to working with elite athletes racing in the Hawaii World Championships.  Along the way I've helped dozens of people qualify for Hawaii, Boston marathon and podium consistently.  For many it's just to check it off their list.  I'll help you get there.

Training, Fuelling and Nutrition

So many people focus so much on the training component of race preparation but don't put enough effort into fuelling, nutrition, recovery and training and racing strategy.  3 decades of experience helping people race in 1000s of events has given me a unique ability to dig into those key areas of overall success.  I have some extremely effective strategies for fuelling your body and keeping you recovering properly to get your ability to the top level.

Specific and Personalized

All my training programs and coaching are specific and personalized to your goals, ability and schedule.

Free 20-30 minute Initial Consult

Let's talk and I'll go over how I'd get you ready for your goal events and give you some ideas on how you can accomplish that on your own.  I'll help you identify some of the things that are holding you back from success and then outline how I can help you get there.  Then go off and think about it and decide, no obligation, if you think I can help you get there quicker and easier - I think I can.  

Schedule a time with me at www.calendly.com/stevenbentley or email me at steven@bentleycoaching.com and I'll reach back out to you to connect that way.

About Us

Steven Bentley

Steven Bentley

Steven has been a health and performance coach since 1990. With a background in cross-country running and skiing in the 1970s/80s, he then started triathlon in 1986. 

Steven has helped people train and race in over 1400 Ironman Triathlon events and 1000s of shorter distance endurance events.

He was selected as Coach of the Year in Ontario Canada and have raced in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships twice.  My Ironman PB is 9:21 and half marathon PB is 1:11.  

He knows how to get people healthy, fit and fast. 

His athletes have won the ITU Age Group World Championships at distances from Olympic to Long Course and he's helped dozens of people qualify for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships.

Steve's Race PBs

Ironman 9:21:40 (1:02/5:06/3:08)
Half Ironman 4:16:00
Two Time Hawaii Ironman Competitor
Half Marathon 1:11:31
10K  31:41
5km 16:11

Michelle Bentley

Michelle Bentley

Michelle is a Firefighter and Assistant Fire Chief at the City of Houston Fire Department.  Even with that full-time career she's raced in triathlons and Ironman since 2007.  She has a Bachelors degree from the University of Houston in Kinesiology and Exercise Sciences (Magna Cum Laude).  She was an elite gymnast before that.

Michelle is a Mother to two teenage girls.

Michelle has been an USAT All American triathlete and Ironman All World Athlete.  She's raced in/qualified for the Half Ironman World Championships and loves to help people improve their fuelling, nutrition and performance.  

Her half Ironman PB is 4:55 and I love passing boys on the bike.  #yougotchicked

Michelle's PBs

Ironman 10:46

Half Ironman 4:55

Half Marathon 1:37

5km Run  20:41

Multiple Podium Finisher

Performance Coach

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