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Michelle Bentley swimming in Cancun Mexico

We have 100s of testimonials from clients we've worked with.  Here are a handful.  Happy to connect you with those we've helped so you can ask them first hand.  

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Ironman Triathlon Reviews and Testimonials 

“Your enthusiasm, patience, motivation and goal setting help me not only be fitter and faster but also enjoy my workouts far more than most ‘regular’ people can understand.  Thanks again.“

Glen W., Woodbridge ON

Happy Friday and shout out of a huge GRATITUDE thank you to my awesome coach, the super funny, great personality, and uber great triathlon coach,Steven Bentley! I have had the BEST 4 weeks of training with Steve and have watched my health and performance in training and getting ready for Ironman rocket in the past few weeks with his guidance! Steve so generously spent a great deal of time with me a few weeks back going over my training and very importantly going over my personal nutritional needs to help me dial it in and it is showing BIG time with how my body has responded! I have not put it all together like this in the last 2 years! Thank you Steve!! Did I mention that he is FUN to work with and makes me laugh... a LOT.  Exactly what I needed in a coach!

Lauren W., New York 

I contacted Steven in a moment of panic, only seven weeks out from my first full Ironman.  I needed some expert advice on how to manage my painful ITBS (Illiotibial Band Syndrome).  I had been training solo with a scripted, one-size-fits-all training plan for a year, and had poured countless hours of family time and resources into this race.  As my mileage ramped up, I became over-trained, mostly because I wasn't using proper technique.  Needless to say, it was go-time and suddenly found myself battling injury, frightened that I might be watching all my dreams go down the drain.  That's when I found Steven, and from the first conversation, he gave me hope that it was not only possible, but that he could actually help me improve my performance.  I had the good fortune to have read his running efficiency article right before I stepped out the door for my longest training run.  I have him to thank for the fact that 21 miles felt like 10.  He also helped talk me through some very important bike fit adjustments.  I've read a lot of books, and have been an athlete all of my life, but Steven's technical explanation of the nuances of technique really hit home for me.  Now, I feel myself gaining strength instead of breaking down, even during my longest training days.  Thank you, Steven!

Michelle P., Arizona

Hello Steve and THANK YOU!  Yesterday, I qualified for Boston, a dream come true!  Two years ago I ran my first marathon, the Toronto International and got hooked on the running. On my second marathon 1 year after my first one, I missed qualifying by many minutes, because I had trained so hard, that I was totally exhausted and didn’t have much left in the tank on the D-day! Shortly after, this second marathon I started to use your training schedule and it worked!   I know you come from the “tri” world, which is totally unknown to me, and as you know you have been suggesting me to bike to get stronger. Initially I didn’t bike so when came last spring, my legs gave up and I missed Boston again! This is when I decided to do what you had been suggesting to me for the past 6 months; cycle!  Without a doubt, this is what made a difference yesterday between qualifying and not. My legs were extremely tired, but didn’t hurt in a way that I couldn’t sustain the pain anymore. I am so happy that I made it, I can hardly focus today!  Thank you for your patience, commitment, and professionalism! I look forward to my Boston training schedule!  Sincerely,  Marise.

Marise A., Toronto, ON

To my initial surprise I spent endless months in the weight room – strength training and lifting weights 3-4 times a week. It worked – 3 months later I had lost all of my baby weight and several weeks later I was smaller than I had ever been in my life. My body shape changed to a leaner physique. (achieved goal weight) Of course I love training so it came easily and I saw immediate improvements in biking and running. You have to take a risk and make a few changes if you want to see different results, so trusting the coach is vital. I swam less and ran more – in the end it all helped the final performance!½ Ironman Provincial Championships – Parry Sound-July 30, 2006 – 5:09 finished 1st W35-39 (5th women overall)

(swim time 32.0, bike time 2:45, run time 1:47) Kim N (Palgrave ON) 

Rhys S., Toronto, ON

…my coach Steve Bentley and I planned the year and targeted some races along the way. We learned, adjusted, and remained focused. I owe Steve a lot. He is a true believer in the positive energy factor and mixing training with real life. Then, 2 days before the race day Steve sent me an incredible note. It got me so focused, energized, positive and confident. I was ready.Results:

9th IMUK – 35-39

4th Peterborough 1/2 IM – 35-39

5th National Time Trail Championships – Master A

2nd high park road race – Master A

2nd Good Friday Road race – Master A

7th Niagara Classic Ontario Cup road race – Master AEverything went great. between 25 and about 38K the stomach bit hard and it was in the hardest part of the run but I dug deep the last 5K to get 9:58:35. Missing PB but 30 seconds but truly no comparison, this course is painfully hard. Your plan was amazing both for training and race day. I cannot believe how great ironman is when you are ready physically and MENTALLY! Rhys S (Toronto ON)

Robin D., Michigan

Ironman Triathlon Reviews and Testimonials “The last 2 yrs have been an incredible experience for me. I never would have progressed as far and as fast without you!! Thank you. It’s been great learning from you and I’m sure I’ll be calling on much of what I’ve learned to prepare for racing this summer.”
Lisa R., Victoria, BC

Ironman Triathlon Reviews and Testimonials 
“I just wanted to thank you for all your great work with Jeff in preparation for IM Florida, especially the swim. I was so nervous about that swim and he turned out to not only get through it, but to have such a strong day in the water that I missed him coming out of the water entirely!  I’m so glad Jeff had your advice (I know it made a big difference) and it really made his day, and mine, spectacular.”

Karen O. for Jeff R., Toronto, ON

I can’t thank you enough for your time this afternoon.  In just the short time we spoke, I learned quite a bit, but most importantly, you understand exactly where I am and goal I am trying to achieve.  Thanks again Steve, I appreciate you helping me achieve my goal!

Colin D., Knoxville, TN

Ironman Triathlon Reviews and Testimonials 

Love your training program.  Thanks, in just two days you’ve changed my life!

Robin D., Michigan

I just wanted to say thank-you so much for all your encouragement, help and support both leading up to the race, during and after.  You had a huge positive impact on the outcome which I am very happy and proud of

Karen B., Aurora, ON

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated getting this email from you – you caused an immediate state change for me!  You are an extraordinary person – I am truly grateful to have connected with you.  Thank you.  Judy

Judy M., New Jersey

Dear Mr. Bentley,
Although I should be writing and asking you how to get a amazingly fit body like yours, I must ask first: what do I have to do to get a smile like yours? It has an unbelievable gravitational force and makes everyone just walk up to you and shake your hand. (I've heard from many this week that share the same feeling, so I'm not alone!)
So good to have met you in person! Please let me know when your next event is happening. I'll bring everyone I know!!
Take care bro!

Pierre Etienne, Ontario

Steven Bentley is a professional trainer/coach/athlete and shared so much incredible information on how to enhance performance, endurance, stamina, mental clarity, recovery time and so much more for athletes. It is truly a privilege to be trained by such respected leaders and mentors.

Janice M., Ontario

"Thank you Steve, for your expert advice on athletic performance at the event yesterday in Toronto. We learned a ton again yesterday. I met several people who already new from other events in the athletic world and who are already so impressed with your expertise and personality. We are proud to know you and be able to learn from you."

Anke M., Ontario

Thank you all for your constant support, advice, tips, encouragement and your TIME. You know how to bring me UP when I am having moments of self-doubt and feel "stuck" or lost.  

Sarah V., Ontario

Ironman Triathlon Reviews and Testimonials I can’t thank you enough for your time this afternoon.  In just the short time we spoke, I learned quite a bit, but most importantly, you understand exactly where I am and the goal I am trying to achieve.  Thanks again Steve, I appreciate you helping me achieve my goal!

Colin D., Knoxville TN

Steven Bentley is the bomb! Always selfless and willing to help!

Joelle D., Halifax NS

Shout out to Steven Bentley, I was very fortunate to here Steven speak at a meeting in Cobourg ON approximately a year ago. His charisma and knowledge on health really spoke to me so I decided to join my friend who had brought me to this meeting on a health journey. During this time I have heard Steven speak on a couple of other occasions and every time I hear him I learn something new. I have some pretty lofty health goals and after a year I achieved my first major one of 100 pounds shed, this did not come with out hard work and support. After about 11 months in I was stuck in a plateau at 90 pounds, my goal was to be 100 lbs by July 15th. I was again fortunate enough to run in to Steven at another meeting that he was attending where we spoke for a couple of minutes with him offering to give me some advice. We set up a phone call, he gave me a couple of new ways to do things and encouraged me that this goal was achievable. I am proud to say that his advice worked I broke the plateau on July 9th and hit my mark of 100 lbs gone !!!! Thank you Steven Bentley for the knowledge and support you offered I will always be thankful I said yes and that you were a big part in that !!!!

Jim A., Ontario

I want to share something with you and I hope it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable or that I am expecting more from this than you or Isagenix can provide, but I thought you needed to know that today, you made a difference in my life.

Over the past few months I have gotten to a place where I feel so uncomfortable in my own body and I felt like a fraud.  That on the one hand I want to lose weight, and I know its important to me regardless of any health ramifications, or potential problems.  On the other hand diets had failed me or I had failed them, and in the midst of it was this person (me) who knew I had to work on so much more than just what I was eating, the calories in, and out and the exercise.  That this weight was a lot of baggage tied up in many different directions.  I wanted to share this with my group, but they want to hear about diets, and at the same time, since the weight wasn't coming off, I couldn't convince them either.  But I was and am reaching a point of love and acceptance of who I am regardless of the body weight.  And to me that was the first step.  But I couldn't get past those closest to me who wanted to argue my ideas, my philosophy, and it hurt that my family couldn't see it my way.  Or at the very least try to understand it. So about a week ago, I just gave up.  In fact, my mother had confronted me about my weight in a gentle way, but with a bribe and guilt.  If I lost the weight, I would be around to take care of her, and she would remodel my kitchen.  That was probably the last blow.  

See, you may not know or understand it, but obesity is a harmful destructive label that women can't run from.  It doesn't go away overnight, and in the mean time, you believe you have to starve yourself while others watch to make sure you "do it right", because after all, your Dad did it.  Just count calories and walk every day.   

So, here I was last night, deciding to give it one last try.  Isagenix had not worked for me, but you have always reached out, and I never thought it was from a 'salesy" place.  I always thought it was because you believe in the product.  And I hadn't really given it the best chance to work.  And once again, you showed up for a call, and you really listened to where I was coming from, and you said things that confirmed what I believe.  And I want other women to hear that and see it, and I want to have that conversation with them.

So, thank you for not judging, for listening and for giving input from your knowledge passion and expertise.  I know I have to do the work, and I would appreciate your being around to the extent you can be to guide me on the journey because I know once I get started its all going to come so passionately from me.  I promise to be your best student.  

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you make a difference to people.  You made a difference to me.  

Taryn P., Virginia