Performance, Fuelling, Fitness Nutrition and Weight Loss

Michelle Bentley before and after pictures Isagenix

Performance Nutrition

We’ve impacted 1000s of lives with the fitness nutrition and weight loss systems we use to help people improve their recovery, health and performance.

What other dreams and goals do you have for your life?

  • better health?
  • less aches and pains?
  • lose body fat?
  • gain lean muscle?
  • increase your energy through the day?
  • sleep better?
  • increased mental focus?
  • strengthened immune system?
  • look and feel younger?
  • reduce cravings?

We can help you achieve that with simple strategies.  

Let us turn you into a fat burning machine so you can not only dramatically improve your performance but also create that ideal body composition and strength to weight ratio you're striving for.

We'll help you flood your body full of the key building blocks you need for optimal recovery but also remove the things that are holding you back from getting to that optimal state of health.

One of the great things about how we help people is the cost savings and simplicity of the systems we use.  

 What would your life be like if you had more energy, a better body, better mental focus, and more time and money to do the things you want. For most people they don’t think THEY can achieve these things easily.  The truth is you can and I’d like to show you a system you can use to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Race Preparation

We find the No 1 thing holding most people back from their potential on race day is their fuelling.  We can help you dial in your fitness nutrition whether it's for weight loss or building muscle.

Our strategies will:
-increasing strength to weight ratio,
-create massive and complete recovery from the huge natural growth hormone increase you'll experience which will help get the most out of the training you do and really prime your muscles for the race,
-naturally recycle cellular material to remove old, damaged and ineffective cells and replace them with fresh, vibrant and stronger cells,
-solidify your immune system,
-create a lot of mental focus and natural energy for the final push to the race. No carbohydrate brain fog,
and most importantly for the race itself.  
-boost your ability to access fat as a fuel source. This one is huge and will eventually allow you to race on less than 100calories an hour thru the whole race, effectively removing the #1 reason most people don't reach their race goals.

When Michelle used this system she took her Ironman times down 15% with a 15% reduction in heart rate.

Fat Loss

Although we don't believe in weight loss systems or diets, it is important to note that the fastest and easiest way to boost performance is to get rid of excess fat.  That weight isn't doing anything to help your performance.  Sports nutrition and fitness nutrition with a focus on performance is what we help you achieve.