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Michelle Bentley

When I first heard about Isagenix I wasn't interested as it sounded like a diet and I knew that wouldn't work.  I love to eat and would never be able to restrict my calories, let alone fast for a day or two.  When some of the other fuelling strategies Steve helped me with worked I decided to try some of the Isagenix products.  Within a week I felt better recovery and energy on the shakes so decided to give the cellular cleanse system a try.

Wow, what a difference that made.  In the two day cleanse/fast I could feel my body switch over to bring fat and releasing inflammation.  I felt great and started to recover faster from workouts.  In less than two weeks I released about 4 inches off my hips and a few off my waist as the inflammation came off me.  My strength to weight ratio improved, energy improved, fuelling improved and I just felt better overall.  

I love how simple the program and products make getting what my body needs and wants.


Cristin Richardson

Martial Arts Instructor and Black Belt competitor Cristin talks about the transformation to elite athlete and performance she experienced by incorporating a better focus on her nutrition.

Steven Bentley

Rose-Anne T

From dragged out and stressed to energized, running her own business and living a life of contribution.

Valerie H

Busting thru plateaus and creating better energy and health in herself and others around the world.

Piper L

Already healthy and wealthy, now using a simpler and more effective system to create a better and more lasting change.

Jill S

I was lost, overwhelmed, overweight, in a severe depression, and abusing alcohol every night. I needed to get off the hamster wheel and change my life! Because you see, I am a triathlete.  I am an Ironman distance triathlete.  I needed to get back to the Triathlete I was.  I needed my drive and motivation back! I was searching for me!    Unfortunately, I let an injury, feeling sorry for myself and poor nutrition take over my life for quite a while.

But this May, I took the bold step to go against my Triathlon Coach's recommendation and start Isagenix.  I KNEW, in my heart, that it would work, and I was correct!!!!

It is hard to believe that a little (well, maybe not so little) box can change your life.  But it changed mine.  4 days on the products, the depression was gone, the energy was returning (was that lack of a daily hangover?  probably so much more!) and I saw the light and brightness coming back into my life.

I have never had this much energy, endurance or the incredible weight loss without hunger or crankiness!

I signed up for the Isabody Challenge and never looked back!  In 16 weeks, I lost 61.2 pounds and 102 inches overall!  And the BEST PART?!  I gained back ME!!!!  Thank you Isagenix, my Nutrition Coach and the Coovers for giving me the opportunity to change my life!  Not only did I get these amazing results, but I am also getting a business that I only dreamed about as a Isagenix Nutrition Coach.  I have gotten so much from this journey, I can't wait to be able to give it back, 10 times over!!!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Isagenix!!!!!!!!!


Jim A

Shout out to Steven Bentley, I was very fortunate to hear Steven speak at a meeting in Cobourg ON approximately a year ago. His charisma and knowledge on health really spoke to me so I decided to join my friend who had brought me to this meeting on a health journey. During this time I have heard Steven speak on a couple of other occasions and every time I hear him I learn something new. I have some pretty lofty health goals and after a year I achieved my first major one of 100 pounds shed, this did not come with out hard work and support. After about 11 months in I was stuck in a plateau at 90 pounds, my goal was to be 100 lbs by July 15th. I was again fortunate enough to run in to Steven at another meeting that he was attending where we spoke for a couple of minutes with him offering to give me some advice. We set up a phone call, he gave me a couple of new ways to do things and encouraged me that this goal was achievable. I am proud to say that his advice worked I broke the plateau on July 9th and hit my mark of 100 lbs gone !!!! Thank you Steven Bentley for the knowledge and support you offered I will always be thankful I said yes and that you were a big part in that !!!!


Jane D

In all my 25 years as a running store manager, massage therapist, fitness instructor and coach, I was approached by every nutrition company to represent their products, and I said no to them all either because of sub-par ingredients or a poorly designed compensation plan or lack of corporate leadership ...until Steven Bentley introduced me to Isagenix 11 years ago. I knew these were the best products available and when I met Jim and Kathy Coover, our founders, I knew the integrity of this company was the real thing. We are changing this industry and leading the way by doing it the right way.