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I've been a performance and nutrition coach for almost 30 years and have helped 1000s of people reach their goals.  More specifically, I've been VERY involved in coaching the 2000+ people thru all rounds of the recent Healthy Keto program.   I can help you get specific with your macros, help you understand ketosis and remove the uncertainty associated with getting thru this healthy keto diet.  This low carb diet can certainly get you fat adapted.  Check the Healthy-Keto page of this site ( for more specific results.

10 Step Healthy Keto Set-Up Coaching

Julie Flesher before and after healthy keto diet

Understanding Ketosis and Why Healthy Keto is Different

Healthy Keto is different than what most people are used to.  In coaching 1000s thru the healthy keto diet to great success I've found my coaching can make a tremendous difference.  

Preparing You for the Program

Understanding how and why this healthy keto diet works is really important for overall success and ease of progressing thru the program.  You can 'just do it' but you'll do it better if you understand how and why it works.

Exercising Thru the Program

Should you keep up with your normal exercise routine?  What, if any, changes should you make to your training.  Is it better to exercise at all?  It's actually different for everyone and I help you understand what you need to do based on your goals, how you react to the healthy keto diet program and what to do and when based as you go thru it.  I can also give you specific tips to help you get even more fat adapted for your training depending on your goals and sport.

Setting up Your Calorie and Macro Numbers

Making sure people are hitting the right calorie amount and macro (carbohydrate, fats and protein) amounts is so important to a healthy keto diet working properly.  Get your macro ratios wrong and or your calories too low or high for your goals and you'll resist getting into ketosis.  This changes going thru the program too and it's important to keep your numbers appropriate.  Getting right can make this low carb diet work for you.

Setting Up Your Carb Manager App

There are a number of ways to track how you go thru the healthy keto diet.  Using the Carb Manager App on your phone makes it so easy.  I'll walk you thru how to set up the App, where and how to input your info and how to effectively use the App and find the info in there.  It will make the low carb diet process so much easier.

Jodi Pearson before and after Healthy Keto Diet

Hydration, Meals, and Cleanse Day Specifics

There are so many options available online for keto friendly meals (and some people like it simple and others like to experiment) so I'm not going to give you specific recipes to follow, but I will help you understand how different foods work and fit into your plan.  From there you can easily design a program of choices that work for you.  

Our cellular cleansing days are unique and very effective when done properly.  I explain the process and the best ways to do them.  You'll find that these are THE EASIEST cleanse days you have EVER done.   The results and benefits will blow you away.

Staying On Track - Mindset and Understanding the Process

This is such an important aspect of going thru any program, especially one you've never gone thru before.  As your coach I remove the uncertainty for you and guide you on a process that will work.  No need to second guess if you're on track and doing the right things as you make your changes and await the results to kick in.  I've helped SO many people get amazing results with this healthy keto diet, I can help you too.

Adjusting the Program as You Adapt

As you progress thru the healthy keto diet/low carb diet you're going to adapt to the process and it's likely your macro and calorie #s are going to need adjusting.  There are a number of reasons why this happens including 

-you become better fat adapted and need different calorie inputs

-changing exercise levels dictate a change in calories

-as you go thru the program your net carb intake changes and that necessitates a change in the protein and fat amounts and

-as you get into ketosis (or not) we can change the carb etc #s to adapt to where you're at..

Measuring Success, the Scale and Your Ketone Levels

There are a number of ways of measuring your ketone levels.  Blood or Urine are the easiest, fastest and most popular.  I'll guide you on how to choose the right option for your goals.  Will also explain the numbers and how to use the monitors to keep you on track and help you understand what foods keep you in or kick you out of ketosis, and what to do once that changes..

Lifestyle Options Once You've Reached Your Goals

Although we need to get you into low carb to start the keto process, we don't want you to stay there forever.  As you progress thru the program I'll guide you on how to adjust your macros to bring more nutritious foods into your body yet still stay in ketosis.

Other Issues

Things are going to happen to throw you off course from your keto or low carb diet.  Life is going to get in the way and or you're going to come across something that you don't understand or know how to get thru.  I'll help you with that.  I've helped 1000s of people thru this healthy keto diet program and can help you at the front end avoid common issues and at the back end when things do happen and what to do or understand to get you thru it.

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