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Coaching People to Healthy Weight Loss...

I recently coached a nutritionally supported group of almost 1800 people doing a keto program and here are some of their initial results after 3 weeks.  Inches lost were calculated from 1 arm, buttocks, chest, thigh and waist).

Rose S 11lbs 17"

Pat C 16lbs 19"

Susan M 12lbs 17"

Diane P 19lbs 19"

Carmela 11lbs 2" off waist

Donna H 14lbs 7" off waist

Anne D 10lbs 6"

Gwen M 22lbs

Cristin R 10lbs

Paula B 14lbs

Teresa M 10lbs 9"

Jennifer K 10lbs

Drina G 3" off waist

Marilyn G 14lbs 23"

Valerie H 14lbs 23"

Tracey P 10lbs 20"

Jessica S 19lbs

Madaonna M 6lbs 5"

Joan C 12lbs 22"

Kathy M 6lbs 12"

Tara S 17lbs 22" 4" off waist

Nicky P 16lbs 7"

Sandra S 17lbs

Pam T 5lbs 10"

Jen T 8lbs

Jason S 12lbs 6"

Lara P 6lbs 14"

Jacqueline W 9lbs 13"

Michele B 9lbs 8"

Melva P 14lbs

Mick C 15lbs

Lucie V 7lbs 8"


Since we're showing weight and timeframe I need to legally say this...  "Weight loss should not be considered typical. In a study performed in 2012 by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers, subjects lost an average of 9 pounds with an average of 2 pounds of the loss from visceral fat after 30 days on our system. The subjects also had a greater level of adherence and had more consistent weight loss from week to week compared to subjects on a traditional diet

How Do They Feel Compared to Having Done Keto Before...

Robin S - When I did keto alone for 30 days i actually gained weight. I never felt great through the 30 days. This Has been so much better incorporating the shakes into the keto program using the macro app and having the most awesome coaches available. I haven’t even eaten yet and I feel better today than I have in months.

Connie F - I did Keto over the summer for 3 months without incorporating your products. I felt good but did not lose as much weight as I have in just over 2 weeks with this challenge. Having incorporated all the these products has for sure been beneficial and of course this group, all the support, knowledge and coaching has made me more accountable. I just breezed through the 2 day cleanse like never before. Absolutely loving this.

Lucie V -  I have tried to implement Keto in with these products before but found it frustrating as I could not make a plan that I would stick to. There is WAY too much on the Internet about Keto.
This beta Pro-Edge has simplified the whole process of introducing Keto with our products and having a schedule to follow👍🏼. Also ALL the coaching and this group has been accountability and amazing for me♥️🎉!!

Deanna B - When I did the regular keto over a year ago I never felt great at all. I never lost any weight and felt bloated. I did it for 5 weeks and was craving my *** shakes.

Incorportaring our products with a healthy keto this time has been fantastic. To date, I am down 10lb and over 11 inches and that is just 2 weeks. I feel great and leaner.😊

Thanks to everyone who put this together and all the support and trainers in this group ♥️

Valerie H - When I did it for 30 days a few years ago, i was the most miserable person ever. People avoided me. I was grumpy, moody, short tempered, angry. I felt exhausted, couldn’t concentrate and my stress level was extremely high. Even my run coach had me promise him that I would never do a low carb/ Keto program ever again. I was that miserable to be around!

I was sore- VERY sore. I barely got through my workouts which was detrimental to my first marathon training and I believe now, to my performance. Keto (she never called it that) was recommended supervised through the process by my holistic nutritionist who focuses on long distance runners. She had me try it the month leading into my 1/2 marathon race (it was my worst 1/2 marathon performance).

I have found that this time around has been so much easier. The focus from the plan, the coaching support, and this challenge community has played a big role in my success this time. I really believe that because this is a nutritionally supported ketogenic plan, it is much more sustainable and so much better for overall mood and performance. I have experienced the complete opposite “side effects” doing it with the deliberate addition of these products, especially the supplements. I’m happy, focused, have energy, and despite injuries that are preventing me from working out like I’d want, I’m seeing amazing results. The clear plan of do this and not this at certain times makes this program so much easier. Is it work? Yes. But it’s worth it!

Vicki A - I have found it easy to follow and having a structured plan is huge. The products do help but the information that has been shared has been the most beneficial. There is so much mis-information out there and I now know why people start, give up and then trash it as ineffective or just have a really bad experience. Understanding the macros is huge. The videos have also been a huge help. I am really interested to see what our company does with all the feedback.

Tara S - I did a keto program before. My experience has been 100% better. I truly feel accomplished. I swore against keto after it before due to how I had felt. With the coaching/guidance/support it has made this experience complete better. I have found that it is definitely an amazing learning experience. It has been definitely by far easier.

Lisa S - Before this program taught me how to really do this with macro tracking and the tracker...I don’t know that I was very structured with Keto. I did not know about the 5oz of protein, so I lost some lbs on the first few but then my emotions were all over the place more crabby than happy. With this program, I feel like everything great about betting healthy is all rolled into one. Keto, great nutritional products, cleansing and intermittent fasting. I would have never thought to pull all these pieces together. Thank you!

Donna C - I tried Keto for the summer for a couple of weeks. The meal prep stressed me out as I’m not someone who likes to cook. With this it’s much more structured-amazing coaching-for the hang of Carb Manager. Seeing results! 😊

Leigh P -  I didn’t think keto was possible now that I am vegan. I have lost many pounds multiple times with Atkins before being vegan. I ate a lot of saturated animal fat (scary) and could not figure out how to maintain.
I have also made my own vegan shakes before (it’s a lot of work). I am new to *** for this beta test.
ProChallenge Lite (vegan) has been very doable and I am down 17 pounds. I feel wonderful in ketosis and I am so grateful. (My knees are also very grateful!!!).
I have a clear head, body ache is gone and I have all kinds of energy (like other Keto experiences for me).
What is different this time is the easy of using these products and the confidence it is a whole healthy system (I am not missing something important).
AND the group is so supportive. I don’t have this elsewhere in my life. I have lost 17 pounds and even the people that know I am doing this haven’t said a thing. They haven’t even asked how it is going. (But that’s my life). The group is a blessing.
The coaching is beyond words. Spot on and ongoing. Something for everyone. I’m not athlete but I love all the varied information, suggestions and encouragement.
It’s a blessing. I am grateful. 💯 percent 💕

Laura P - I’ve done keto before and this seemed easier to follow, helped me to get my healthy fat intake which I was always missing before. I always tried to incorporate my  products but my weight never changed. Until now.
The videos and coaching has been huge for me. I’m visual, and I love direction to keep me in track.
Honestly? I’ve not felt this good in years and even more happy that it was easier than I thought to do.

Christine C - I had just tried a ketogenic diet which I used intermittent fasting but I limited my calories to a thousand to 1200. Because I like to eat mostly vegetarian I was basically eating deviled eggs and celery. I wasn't hungry but I didn't really lose much weight and I didn't have any structure or any supplements and my body still hurt. Amost immediately upon starting this challenge most of my body pain has disappeared and I have so much more energy. I was amazed that I was able to stay in ketosis while doing the cleanse. After the challenge I'm not sure that I will still incorporate the shakes is often because I know how to balance my food better but the supplements seemed really important and the support of a group as well. Also I suspect that the nutrition from the isapro contributed to feeling great and I may keep working that in, especially as a quick meal option on days I don't get a lunch at work

Joyce K - Much easier to stick to this because of these products. I i have had an easier time getting into Ketosis and staying in it. Have not felt deprived like I did before.

Vera S - I used an exogenous keto drink and was essentially eating one meal—did not have much success—incorporating *** products was very challenging—this was doable and so much better—better results—amazing prep for my the double no BS cleanse days

Meredith S - I have done keto before and this is hands down easier. I love the more natural version for the fat component instead of the animal fat, my cravings have decreased quicker then on a regular keto diet. And in all honesty I am fuller using this mix of products then I did just eating lots of animal protein and fat.

Debra P - This has been amazing. The  shakes are great and the coaching has been phenominal. The straight cleanse days were a little brutal but am hanging in there.

Athletes Going Through the Program - Effects

Until you get used to accessing and using ketones for fuel some people are going to feel a reduction in their ability to train hard.  I just suggest people take it easy till that process kicks in.  There are exogenous ketones people can get to speed the process but it's better to skip those and force your body to adapt.  Here are some results that others have noticed though getting into ketosis and how we've been able to help them adapt fast...

Suzanne H - I continued 4-5 orange theory workouts per week. No change in how i felt no lack of motivation. Even this week during the cleanse worked out at 0600 every day.

Judy L - I, too, was also fat-adapted, so my runs have not only felt totally doable, I was also able to push myself just a little. My ability to focus and stay present had been surprisingly awesome! LOVE this!

Jacqueline M - I cut back on intensity so felt ok in my workouts. I’d like to push that up a notch these last 2 weeks. No lack of performance and more likely a huge increase in running stamina.

Celia K - I’ve been able to maintain my intense daily workouts five days a week as normal..... no change in the gym.... I do definitely notice the mct oil clearing my head!

Allison M - Those first few days, dead during my workouts ... now feel great, esp in morning. No issues, no roughness or keto flu symptoms. I feel pretty good working out now, seem to get through my workouts great. 💪🏼

Amy V - I LOVE everything about this since day #1! I eased into training and did a short ez ride on day #3 of Keto, a short hard ride day #4 and typical 2 hr hard ride on day #5 (only having salt & water during and only vitamins & bulletproof before). Every day I've felt great and I had a bunch a PR's! Last week continued feeling great but PR's leveled out as is this week #3. I've never done anything like this and am a typical triathlete/cyclist that relies are carbs for fuel. Oh and I'm down 8 pounds! Hope that helps! THANKS for all your coaching, support and accountability!

Julie S - My workouts have felt really hard. Playing tennis, I was getting light headed. And lifting, couldn't get anywhere near my normal numbers. Cycling, my output dropped by over 100 points for a 45 min ride. That being said - I feel AMAZING today. Today is the first time that I feel like I could really push it. I played tennis for 90 min this morning and still felt like moving so went for a 4 mile walk. Not sure if it's the cleanse, the extra carbs or my body finally tapping into fat. Probably all of the above. It's literally like a switch has been flipped!

Mick C - 2 mins 20 secs off my best 6km time. Enough said. I'm training BETTER than EVER :-)

Michelle L - I was able to adapt very quickly. I’ve done some workouts with only my bullet proof coffee. I’ve continued to lift just as heavy and continue to progress.

Joanne P - I definitely stepped back from my workouts initially. But I am back in the habit now of 2x per week going to an Orange Theory workout. The last 2 have been the best ever - more splat points and more calories burned. I headed into them thinking "if I need to take it a little easier, that's OK", but honestly, I felt amazing. I did have coffee before going. Yesterday, even after 2 cleanse days, I was able to work out on bulletproof coffee alone. Had a short, but pretty good workout in my basement this morning and back to OTF tomorrow.

Steven Bentley and Keto Program Coaching Testimonials

As a result of working with athletes for almost 30 years and most recently a 1780 person Nutritionally Supported Ketogenic program I've been able to help a LOT of people get great results.  Here are some of their comments on that coaching and support  and what you can expect when I work with you thru this process....

Alison M - I also have to say Steven Bentley that you were monumental in the coaching of this challenge!  Your no nonsense, bs free with humour approach really resonates with me and a lot of us and I'd really like to thank you for all your contributions.

Meg A - You always make us feel better and understand the process.  Thank you Steven Bentley.  You da Best.

Laura T - Steven Bentley I am incredibly grateful for all of your knowledge and all of your videos that you post.  You are the number one reason I am seeing such success.

Mikki C - Steven Bentley thank you !!! Your wisdom is such a blessing.

Janny B - Sending a massive thank you  & Steven  for being real and so willing to share his vast knowledge (which includes talking people off the ledge.

Serena N - Shout out to Steven Bentley for the great videos; I needed to hear what you had to say!  Thanks for keeping it real!!

Julie S - Thanks Steven Bentley for your no nonsense, brilliant coaching.

Allison M - The coaches and info have been phenomenal and I have to give a special shout out to Steven Bentley who's videos have been really informative, esp on the science of sports performance.

Sara H - Steven ... I gotta tell ya, your coaching in this group has been BEYOND valuable for me and my husband.  Thank You!

Lauren R - Thank You to Steven Bentley for your videos.  I was consistently over on my protein because I let the Carb Manager calculate them.  Yesterday morning I watched your video on how to calculate my protein and my fats and yesterday was the first day I didn't go over in protein.  I was bang on.

Amanda M - Just wanted to say thank you to Steven Bentley for all your helpful words of encouragement !

Christine M - Thanks Steven Bentley you are the best!

JoAnn H - Steven Bentley! I am loving your videos!!!  They are so helpful!  Thank You for sharing your knowledge and expertise!!

Barbie P - I love everything you're doing and say honestly straight to the point all the helpful tips, You Rock.

Sue T - Steve is fantastic.... REALLY good.  I could not have done this challenge without the support from this group.

Sheila M - I'm loving all of your FB videos.  So much great info.  Thanks for explaining the cleanse program we should follow.

Angela N - Steven Bentley you have some awesome advice and the way you push and make me believe in myself is so appreciated.

Christina M - Steven Bentley has been amazing for me also.  We are so blessed to have him give us so much of his time for this challenge.  I am following what he says to do and I am getting results.  Thanks Steve for coaching us.

Maria C - Thank you Steven Bentley, you are AWESOME!

Lucie V - Very True!!  This Challenge has been a BIG eye opener for me, relearning about carbs, fats and proteins.  I have learned so much in the last 2 weeks about choosing carbs wisely!  Thanks Steven Bentley !

Dawn R - Steve, thank you for your awesome leadership and sharing of your knowledge in the challenge.  I'm learning tons from you.  I wanted to share with you one of my gals messaged me:  I did the bounce exercise that Steve posted.  He's such a cool guy and so authentic.  Thanks for inviting me to do this challenge.  It's already changed my life.  I feel so proud of myself instead of self loathing in this area of my life.

Renee T - Steven, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much you ROCK!!  Thank you so much for all you are doing in the pro edge challenge to support everyone !!  You are a wealth of knowledge!!  I've never heard anyone explain a cleanse day the way you did.   I just wanted to tell you how great of a job you are doing and how much I appreciate all the work you've put into this!!

Laurie C - You are doing such an awesome job coaching everyone Steve.  It makes it fun and so interactive.

Laura P - OMG I totally love your videos !! I only just watched it now but such great info and you crack me up!

Joanne R - I did it !  First ever full day cleanse and first ever 2 day cleanse.  And I'm tingling now!  Thanks Steven Bentley!

Maria A - OMG!  Steven Bentley!  You are the best of the best!  That was super fun!  Thanks for sharing and guiding us all through this experience with such amazing knowledge and humour!  You Rock!

Sandra C - I lost 11.8 pounds in 2 weeks and broke my plateau!  I am so happy and feel so great!  Thank you Steven Bentley.

Meg A - At times I get so discouraged but then I listen to Steven Bentley and he makes sense of it and I feel better.

Vikki L - Just wanted to say thank you Steve:)  I watch all your videos and have found them extremely helpful through this!

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