Personal Performance Coaching and Training Plans


Performance Coaching Plans

We offer detailed training plans as well as personal (in person and on the phone) coaching consultations to help you reach your goals.

Coaching Consultations

If you want to understand the complexities of training efficiency/technique, fuelling, nutrition etc we can help you find the missing links to your performance.  We have decades of experience working with 1000s to help cut thru years of trial and error.  Sometimes a quick call can save you months or even years of trying to figure it out yourself.

Training Plans

The Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze programs are all developed to be specific to the athletes schedule, ability, and goals. The amount and frequency of personalized coaching communication and feedback provided progressively increases with each level of training program. Increased communication allows me to monitor your training progression and recovery and provide a more individualized and detailed training program. The higher communication levels also allow me to do more mindset coaching and encouragement. 

All packages include membership to our private Facebook community where you’ll have access to tons of info on technique, meal and macro ideas and other related information to help you become your healthiest, fittest self!

For the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages I also make suggestions for macronutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrate) to properly guide you on how to incorporate best fueling (in workout) and nutrition (out of workout) practices to help you achieve your goals. These are NOT specific meal plans, as I find those way too restrictive. Rather, this is information (through files and during the specific plans discussion times) to help you ‘understand’ macro requirements so you can create any meal so that it meets your specific goals.

If you are interested in Fitness Plans or Single Sport training plans (running only for example) contact us for different prices that are less expensive than the triathlon training plans.

Email us at or for more information.

Bronze Plan - $125/month

Includes All the workouts you need to develop good fitness and speed for your particular abilities and goal race(s) and are specific to your schedule. INCLUDES weekly communication via e-mail/messenger/text AND a monthly 15-20 minute “check-in” phone call to make sure you are on track; however, mid month training plan revisions are NOT generally included with this package. More in depth/detailed conversations and discussions on relevant topics can be arranged for additional fees.  I encourage Bronze Plan athletes to let me know if their training is going according to plan or not so I can use that to develop their future programs.

The Bronze Package is ideal for people wanting a specific and detailed training plan but not requiring a lot of personal coaching communication and feedback.

Silver Plan - $200/month

Includes ALL features of the Bronze Package PLUS….

Training plan revisions (limited to twice a month) based on athlete feedback provided during phone/e-mail/messenger/text communications. I encourage athletes on the Silver Plan to schedule a call with me every other week to discuss their training and ask any specific training or race related questions.  

Twice weekly e-mail/messenger/text communication on training and race related topics is provided. With this package, I'll typically wait to hear from you regarding your training progression and results. I will incorporate information I gain from your feedback into the development of your future training plans.

The Silver Package is ideal for people wanting a specific and detailed training plan, along with regular coaching communication to help keep them on track and better understand and dial in their training plan. 

Gold Plan - $275/month

Includes ALL features of the Silver Package PLUS…

The Gold Package ensures an even more detailed and customized training plan due to increased coaching communication. I encourage athletes on the Gold Plan to contact me weekly to discuss their training in detail. E-mail/messenger/text communication on training, racing, and nutrition related topics is UNLIMITED.

Monthly training plan revisions are UNLIMITED. I encourage Gold Plan athletes to provide me with detailed notes on their workouts so I can incorporate this information into the development of their future training plans. 

The Gold Package is great for people who want a detailed, specific, customized schedule of workouts and desire “a little extra” in terms of communication and individual coaching feedback and motivation.

Platinum Plan - $350/month

Includes ALL features of the Gold Package PLUS…

Also included in the training program is weekly and/or as needed telephone communication (25-30 minutes per session) regarding your actual workouts, as well as issues such as nutrition, technique, and mindset. E-mail/messenger/text communication on training and health related topics is UNLIMITED. The more frequent coaching communication/support provided with this package ensures you will receive an ultimately personalized and detailed training plan designed to help you get the most out of your training! I encourage Platinum Plan athletes to provide me with detailed notes on their workouts/races/events which I will closely review and incorporate into the development of their future training plans. People on the Platinum Plan often forward downloaded training data (or provide me access to their training log sites (Training Peaks for example) for me to review and include into the development of their future training plans.  The more detailed review of this information allows me to develop a more detailed and specific training plan.

The Platinum Package is perfect for people with serious training goals who desire the ultimate coaching experience. Platinum Plan clients can expect that I will contact them regularly to ensure that their training is progressing as planned and that they are dialled in to crush their goals!


Consultations and Training Plans


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